7 reasons why you need to ditch DIY websites

author: Karen Martz
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The temptation is great... it looks so easy... your mate did it.. you want to save some money... In theory, yes, but in reality DIY is hard work

7 reasons why you shouldn't build your own website


I like hats. I really do. In fact, I have the beginning of a hat collection, just like many other small business owners.

Yes, this is a long-winded way of saying that, when it comes to business, we must learn to wear multiple hats (although I really do like them, that wasn't a lie). However, we still need to know when to let our hair out and delegate tasks to others. Because, along with the hat thing, knowing when to hand over the reins on a given task is also a key business skill.

So why not save your precious time and get on with the things you do best, while leaving your website to the pros? Sure, it might look fun, but behind those pretty colours is a whole world of complicated pain that takes years to finesse…

Don't believe me? Read on for seven big reasons why you should ditch the DIY when it comes to website design and building.

1.Avoid the website platform confusion

Ok, so you've decided to build a website. Someone told you Squarespace was nice, but what about WordPress? Or hang on, there's Shopify… but what's a Wix? Finding the right web builder, as well as choosing themes, pages, menus and hyperlinks are all important considerations that have knock-on effects on your website's usability – and you haven't even got a single word or image online yet.

A website designer and developer will take all the key factors about your business into consideration to choose the right platform for you. From the type of product or service you sell, to your required functionality for shopping, payments, booking integrations or contact forms, an experienced website designer knows how to build a site that serves your audience. And yes, they'll make it pretty, too.

2. Technical website know-how

Unfortunately, HTML, CSS and Java are not types of coffee, although they are significantly more confusing than the drinks list at that hip new café down the road. Designing your own website to perfection requires knowledge of at least one other language – and as much as you may have a vision for the final product, without the know-how to make it happen, you're just left with a lot of puzzle pieces that don't quite fit.
Speed, aesthetics, and logic all work together to bring your audience an excellent online experience. When you work with a website designer, they can ensure those images, animations and transitions fit together perfectly to bring you and your business to life.

3. A need for speed (and compression)

How long do you wait for a website to load before you lose patience and go elsewhere? Probably a few seconds, right? Your audience will too. There's a lot that goes into building a fast website, including image optimisation (big on looks, small on file size), removing unnecessary code and keeping website plugins up-to-date and running efficiently. If that sounds like gobbledygook, then you probably need a website designer to keep things looking good and running smoothly.

4. Website tools and functionality

A DIY website designer usually has a simple goal of getting online and looking good. But a professional website designer understands just how hard your website can really work for you – and how to implement the functionality needed to help close sales and grow your business. Far from simply telling people you exist, your website can help you filter enquiries, omit repetitive enquiries and admin, process payments, set automated shipping responses and even generate warm leads.
The trick is to understand that, when it comes to websites, one size does not fit all – and your designer will understand how to set you up for success based on your specific business and goals.

5. Get in the know with SEO

SEwho? Search Engine Optimisation is all about pleasing the Google gods, and in the online world, these are the gods that reign supreme. Getting on or near the first page of Google is a big ask for any new businesses, and it's especially impossible for 99% of DIY site owners, due to a lack of technical understanding and content optimisation. A website designed, built and written with SEO in mind, however, can tame the Google beast with specific plugins, structures and keyword-rich content that helps your website rise through the rankings and get found by the right people.

6. Expertise reaps rewards


Your website is not only an investment in your business – it's a reflection on your business. With a well-structured and optimised website (that's also a feast for the eyeballs), this investment will soon be paying for itself.

Investing in the right parts of your business encourages others to trust, and ultimately, invest back into you. And although I may be biased, there are few places in your business that are quite as visible as your website – so if you want to make a good impression, this is the place to do it.

7. The gift of time

As a business owner, there's no greater gift than time – and delegating key tasks such as website development to trusted professionals opens up more time for you to focus on the things you're passionate about. After all, that's why you started your business in the first place, right? So get your head out of that fiddly box or button that's driving you nuts and concentrate on the things you're great at. After all, that's what people will ultimately pay you for.

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About the author

Karen Martz is a brand and website designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Karen works with a variety of business owners to develop brands and websites that resonate with their audience. She is passionate about creating great work for great humans and has founded a collaborative studio approach that continues to deliver excellent results.

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7 reasons why you need to ditch DIY websites

The temptation is great... it looks so easy... your mate did it.. you want to save some money... In theory, yes, but in reality DIY is hard work

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