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Every business has a story to tell, something that is driving them. Lets’ tell your story together. Our processes are tailored to getting to know you and your vision and how design can truly represent your story and draw attention to you. We encourage all of out clients to be unapologetically, unashamedly themselves. We don’t believe in airs and graces, or false pretences. We are 100% genuinely invested in authentic representations of you.

So what does a designer actually do? In a nutshell designers create information systems in a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing way – in simple terms, a designer takes what you want to say and makes it look good and function really well.

Does that sound like exactly what you need? When we work together. I get to the heart of your business and design with your mission, vision and values in mind so that the work is a true reflection of where you are going.

Duende Studio fosters a community spirit and that is why we have a collaborative team that works together to bring your vision to reality, building design, text and images that truly speaks to the heart of your audience. Learn more about our collaborators and what motivates them.

Design Packages

How we help you

Starting and rebranding your business can be extremely nerve wracking. The to-do list is a mile long and there are so many decisions to make. That’s why our brand design and website design packages are curated for your stage of business so that have what you need.

Our packages include a selection of:
• Brand Design
• Website Design (including ecommerce)
• Copywriting
• Photography
• Print Design
• A thorough discovery process
• High end design skills
• Marketing Mindset
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Ongoing Maintenance

Brand Design

Our Story

Aims to be constantly evolving

Change can be really hard, but it is necessary, In the last 5 and a head years I have learnt which clients I want to work with and how I can help them. My fave clients are:
• Motivated and passionate
• Confident and articulate
• Dynamic decision makers
Is that you? I have found that these personality traits make for smooth, streamlined projects where we can bounce ideas around, progress through each stage efficiently and achieve the perfect result – your ultimate brand and website on time and on budget.

The latest iteration of Duende Studio has been extending into a full stack collaborative environment where we work as a team to bring your project to life. I use the term collaborators because I want the collaborative team to keep working on their own goals. As a big dreamer, I encourage everyone else to do the same as we are only limited by the constraints we put on ourselves. It is an environment of positivity-plus at Duende Studio, we are a team of always energetic creatives striving for success.

Get to know us

an immersive design studio for businesses

Duende Studio takes a unique twist on traditional branding services. We are not an agency, we love building ongoing relationships with our clients, we believe in engaging processes where the client is connected with the work as it develops and we build a relationship where the client can confidently continue with their own day to day responsibilities while we get to work creating beautiful brand designs and  custom wordpress websites.

We are different, and that is what makes us special. Our studio thrives on ownership of work and easy processes, we love working with good people to create exceptional outcomes. We are honest and transparent, open and engaging people who make the branding process one of excitement. We knuckle down, we set boundaries and we communicate clearly every step of the way – and do all of this while truly enjoying what we do.


Karen Martz

Founder, Lead creative
Brand designer + website designer

I founded the studio as Duende Design in 2015 and specialise in creating dynamic brands and websites. At the core of the studio is the belief that every woman in business should be authentically themselves and I encourage all of my clients to align their own values and ethics with their business so that they can carry themselves with confidence and clarity. With a background in design and marketing, I have developed a range of packages for businesses from startups to seasoned entrepreneurs with the ability to add on other creative services such as copywriting, technical SEO and photography.

When you work with me I will encourage you to fully explore how your brand translates with your audience to help grow your business. There is more to design than looking good – it is communicating the right message in the right way.

I have fostered a supportive environment of confident business women who all work together, while also working on and in their own businesses. This studio is building on my dream that creating engaging collaboration leads to thriving businesses both for our clients and our collaborators.

When you’re ready to connect with a business that cheers you on and supports your goals, reach out to Duende Studio. To make a booking contact me here.

Studio Collaborators

Studio must-haves: TECHNICAL AND LOCAL SEO, copywriting AND photography.

Our collaborators are like-minded passinate businesses owners, each with their own unique set of skills. We join our talents to bring you well rounded packages that deliver a feeling of confidence that translates throughout your brand. We give you the power to choose the collaborations for your business and your budget.

As a team, we love working together and fully support each other in growing our own businesses. Together, we have found that we can achieve so much and we thrive in our community over competition ethos.


Rhiannon Carnohan

SEO Expert – Getting you found online

Rhiannon is the perfect addition to our collaborative team, extending our already included on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and taking your business further with technical and local SEO.


Hello! I’m Rhiannon – SEO extraordinaire at your service.

I give businesses the tools, know-how and confidence to get found on Google, so they can spend less time finding new business, and more time doing what they do best – serving their clients!

In my 7 years as an SEO specialist, I’ve worked with some big name brands, creating and implementing strategies to get them to page one of Google. I built my SEO career in global media agencies in both the UK and Australia, but left the agency world in 2019 to focus on serving small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them grow their business and make an impact through the power of SEO.

After spending 3 years in the UK and New Zealand, I’ve now returned to my hometown of Sydney and now enjoy the quintessential Aussie beach lifestyle (I’ve even taken up surfing for the first time)!

FInd out more about Rhiannon at


Lauren Pomphrey


With over a decade of digital marketing experience, Lauren is well-versed in creating SEO-friendly content that brings your brand to life, helping you attract your ideal audience through the power of words.

 Hello! I’m Lauren – Starting life in Scotland, and now in Sydney, I’ve been a budding wordsmith since I could hold a pencil. But now, with many years of big-brand experience under my belt in both the UK and Australia, my passion lies in helping small businesses grow and succeed.

 When not grappling with grammar or perusing a thesaurus, I spend my time seeking out large bodies of water to cool off in, while exploring this country that I’m lucky enough to call home (with plenty of sunscreen, of course).

 You can read more about Lauren’s experience and approach on her website, Lauren Pomphrey Copywriting.

carly ravenhall

Carly Ravenhall

Lifestyle and events photographer

Carly is a premium high-end lifestyle photographer, she shoots on her feet in your location, specialising in people on the move, action and capturing natural light settings. A pocket rocket behind the lens and expert at catching movement in the frame.

With a decade of experience behind her, Carly’s focus is on documenting your event from beginning to end, re-telling a story. With an unobtrusive approach, Carly will cover all aspects of the assignment to suit each clients preferences.

From travelling overseas, to working with some of the Australia’s top brands, Carly’s portfolio encapsulates her passion for her work as she continues to grow client relationships formed in the industry. Immerse yourself in her stunning work at


Cathy Smith

Brand and in studio photographer

Cathy is a bundle of creative energy. Optimistic, upbeat and full of ideas. She is our go to for in-studio shoots, branding headshots and product photography.

Hello! I’m Cathy – I have always had a passion for photography and after many years in the banking industry I decided to tak ethe plunge into my own business.

I have a degree in business and commerce; majors in marketing and PR which compliments my photography as it’s always been my passion in life, I love every minute of it.

Capturing the essence of my subjects always brings me joy. When I’m not behind the lens I enjoy adventuring with my family, and adorable French Bulldog, Ollie.

Take a stroll to Cathy’s website to see her work. Catherine Anna Photography

Industries that

we’ve partnered with

+ Boutique Retailers
+ Wellness and Health
+ Interior designers
+ Artists
+ Food and Hobby supplies
+ Accountants
+ Financial Advisors
+ Mortgage Brokers
+ Nutritionists
+ Trades
+ Educators
+ Health and Beauty
+ Professional Services
+ Not for Profits

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There’s a range of packages to choose from for the driven startup entrepreneur to the established business owner looking to make some changes. Brand Design, Website design, with local and technical SEO, copywriting and photography. We make it easy to seamlessly launch your business.

Explore the packages now and find the best fit for you.

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