Redesign and Revitalise

Redesign your Website

FROM $1500 +GST

Exclusive for our long term existing clients who are ready to refresh their website content and redesign the website. Continue 2021 with a redesigned website, add new offerings, and show how much you’ve grown since your business first launched. 

We will have a 60 minute consultation to explore how your business has evolved since launch. We will look at functionality that can be added to your website to provide an enhanced user experience and to assist in streamlining your business processes. Included is an overhaul of the site styling to freshen it up, including new images where required and updated layouts. You’ll also recieve an interactive draft of the new layout.

Package Inclusions

let’s take a look at how much your business has grown.


website review

Together, we will look for opportunities to refresh you content as well as include new content for the areas of growth on your business.


content refresh

Let’s update your images and the overall styling of the website to provide an even better user experience.


new functionality

We will look at the functions of your business that can be streamlined through your website and various plugins that can make your business more efficient


add on copywriting

Revitalise the words of your website will have perfectly written prose that appeals to your audience, written by Lauren of A seasoned professional who will get the words to do the talking for you.


add technical and local seo

It’s the perfect time to look at your rankings with Rhiannon, of True North Digital to get your new website set up for maximum visibility in Google. We’ll provide keyword research to help you target the right keywords and make sure your site structure and content are SEO optimised so potential customers can find your business online.


add photography

Book a photo shoot with Cathy or Carly that is the perfect pair for your overall new website aesthetic.

Make the style and content changes that match your growing business.



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