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Find out Everything To Know About Hiring A Web Designer

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Karen, The creative heart, mind and soul behind Duende Studio. I design so many things, brands, logos, websites, documents, signage. If you are a business owner and you need something that looks amazing – you need me.

What does hiring a designer involve?

I understand it can be pretty overwhelming to hand over the reins to the creative side of your business, that’s why I make it easy for you to contribute and then I take charge to make the magic happen. I have an easy online portal where you can access everything from your contract and invoices to content forms that guide you through the process. The first step to getting started is to simply contact me and I’ll take it from there

I’m not sure what to even put on my website – can you help?

Absolutely! I guide you through what you even need and even connect you with other creative professionals, like a photographer or copywriter.

Will I be able to edit my own website?

Sure! If you are keen to learn I offer an additional support package where I create videos that guide – you – it’s like having your own teacher! Editing is not everyone’s cup of tea so I also offer comprehensive care packages – check them out here.

What should know about working with you?

You should know I’m all in, I take a vested interest in my clients – that means I want you to do well. I am friendly, I will take your calls (during business hours) and I am stickler for deadlines and boundaries. I like to keep projects on track and looove my weekends (so you won’t hear from me on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays). I play nice, and I expect that my clients will play nice too.

How do you know what I want in the design?

I complete a consultation with you, this also involves some questionnaires depending on the project. Plus after you receive your concept you get 2 rounds of refinements to make changes before the design is locked in. Feedback is key to a successful outcome.

Can you get me onto first page of Google?

SEO is quite a beast and Google constantly changes their algorithm so I cant make any assurances about where you will rank on google as that is all part of having an excellent overall SEO strategy. I do add industry standard practices to your website such as: including your chosen keyword per page, metadata descriptions and alt tags on your images. Creating great text content is also key to improving your SEO rankings – that means writing copy that includes the right words structured in the right way to make the bots happy. I will register your domain property for you and add your sitemaps to Google Search Console.

Do you handle domain name registration and hosting?

No, but I can certainly recommend some great local businesses that do, then you simply provide me with the details of your hosting account.

are the extra costs i should expect?

You will have costs relating to your third party domain name registration and hosting costs. You can also purchase a third party legal policy set for your website. I also offer a comprehensive range of add ons so that you can customise your package, additional costs apply to these. Check out the inclusions of your package. If you wish to purchase the fonts used in any design it is likely that there may be additional licensing costs, if so I will direct you to relevant type foundry.


Duende is Spanish so get bit if an accent going – you say it “Du-en-day” It’s certainly not Dundee or Dunda. For a fun fact Duende is the feeling you get when you experience a piece of art that inspires you and makes you feel totally fabulous and that stays with you forever.

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There’s a range of packages to choose from for the driven startup entrepreneur to the established business owner looking to make some changes.

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